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PCO Music Team is comprised of dedicated individuals who are passionate about using their musical talents to glorify God and enrich the worship experience of our church family. From musicians to vocalists, our team is a diverse tapestry of talents from the Lord, united in our love for music and committed to serve the Lord.

Music Ministry plays a central role in our worship services. Our team leads the singing that reflect the themes of the sermon and uplift the spirit of praise by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


We also believe in nurturing the musical talents of our youth and providing them with opportunities to grow spiritually through music. The Music Ministry has collaborated with the Youth Ministry, which is designed to inspire the next generation of worshippers and musicians.


Music Ministry isn't about performing—it is about growing spiritually as individuals and as a community. Through rehearsals, workshops, and prayer, we seek to deepen our relationship with God and support one another on our faith journeys.


Music Ministry is guided by a spirit of worship, excellence, and unity. We invite you to join us as we lift our voices in praise and make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

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