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Baptisms, Weddings & Funerals

Image by Vishal Banik

Baptism is a sign of commitment to following Jesus. It's a sign of His cleansing work through the cross and the refreshing new life we can have in Him. We offer baptism preparation for both adult baptism and also for parents who want their children baptised.​

Please contact church office


Congratulations! Planning for your wedding should be an exciting time. We want to help you put Jesus at the centre of your wedding ceremony and at the centre of your marriage

Please contact the church office

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Image by Lukas Neasi

Please contact the office directly and one of the pastors will get in touch and help you to plan a service for your loved one, in order that you may appropriately give thanks to God for their life, while at the same time seeking God's comfort as you mourn their loss.​

Please contact the church office

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