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Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)

Ghala - Ruwi ‖ Men - Women - Children ‖ Mon - Tue - Wed

PCO has been hosting Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Women’s class in Muscat since the year 2012 and the Men’s class since the year 2018. BSF is an independent, inter-denominational, inter-cultural and inter-generational in-depth Bible study. The mission of Bible Study Fellowship is global, in-depth Bible classes producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. The vision of BSF is to magnify God and mature His people as they cultivate a deeper relationship with Him. People all over  the world study God’s word together in more than 2,200 locations, on 6 continents and in more than 120 nations. For more information regarding BSF, please visit


While the format of the Bible Study and the portion of study remain the same, Men’s and Women’s classes are held separately and at different times. Every week men and women congregate at their classes and come together to study the Bible, learn from one another and be challenged and encouraged to live for something larger than themselves. The BSF classes offer straight Biblical truths built on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

As a class member you will spend time in personal study of the scriptures each week and on class day/night will join other members of your group for a peer based learning through a moderated discussion. This learning is further layered with a lecture from the Teaching Leader on how to further utilise these truths and apply it into our lives. You will leave the class having received further notes which would entail comprehensive views and insights on the topic as well as questions for the following week. This is an interdenominational bible study and we are glad to welcome anybody to study the word of God.

About our Preschool and School Children’s program, the next generation needs the stability which only God and His Word can provide. Deep truths about God, man’s sin and the gospel can profoundly shape a child’s thinking throughout life. That's why BSF offers Bible classes for infant, pre-school and school program.

men's bsf

Muscat Men’s class meet every week on Mondays at 7 pm in PCO Ghala campus. The men’s class also comes with a Children’s program for School Age children. The Evening Class offers classes for both boys and girls from elementary through high school. The children school program is conducted every Monday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. which is parallel to the men’s class in the PCO Ghala church building. 

Evening Men’s Muscat class – Monday 7 pm – PCO  Ghala Campus

Children’s program for School Age children – Monday 7 pm – PCO Ghala campus

Please contact Stephen Drylie regarding the Men’s class and School Age children program

Women's BSF

Muscat Women’s  class meet every Tuesday morning at 9.15 am in PCO Ghala campus. In order to facilitate working ladies to participate in our classes, we also have Satellite Discussion groups that meet on Wednesday evenings both in Ruwi and Ghala PCO campuses. The women’s class comes with a Pre-school children’s program. Offers a program ranging from infants to just before the kids enter their first grade. This preschool program is conducted every Tuesday morning from 9:15 am to 9:45 am in the PCO Ghala church building.

Day Women’s Muscat class – Tuesday 9.15 am – PCO Ghala campus

Evening Women Satellite group – Wednesday 6.30 pm – PCO Ghala campus

Evening Women Satellite group- Wednesday 6.15 pm – PCO Ruwi campus

Pre-school Children program – Tuesday 9.15 am – PCO Ghala campus

Please contact regarding the Women’s class and Pre-School children’s program

At both Pre-school and the School Age Children’s program, Loving, well-trained leaders (with background checks) teach the children in a safe environment about God and the Bible in age-appropriate ways. The children learn biblical principles based on the lessons the adults study as well as other important life skills, such as how to obey instructions, cooperate, sit and listen — all taught in an atmosphere of love. The efforts of our children’s leaders are directed towards:

·         God’s heart for students


·         Teaching for transformation


·         Faith Development in students


·         Redemptive Discipline


Children are taught the same passages as adult class members, giving them the context and framework to have spiritual conversations outside of class. 

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